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Cat & Dog Eye Conditions

Our vets specialize in animal eye care, which means they see a large number of cat & dog eye problems every day. Here are many of the common eye conditions your pet could have.

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Common Cat & Dog Eye Problems

Diseases of the eyes are relatively common and can be due to injuries, health concerns, breed, or genetics. 

Our vets spent years specializing in veterinary ophthalmology, so they could help ease discomfort and restore vision in pets. We are also dedicated to the education of pet owners so that they are able to spot the signs of disease before they become advanced.

Early treatment is the key, so knowing the signs can help keep your pet happy, healthy, and help maintain their vision for years to come.

Common Cat & Dog Eye Conditions | Cat & Dog Eye Problems

List of Common Pet Eye Diseases

Our Vancouver vets treat these common eye diseases in cats and dogs:

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